Westbridge Community Homeowners Association


Westbridge is a beautiful 251 family-home community established in 1995.

It has a privileged location with access to the Beltway 8 and West Rd., and just a few minutes from Hwy 290 and Hwy 249.

Our community is known for being a peaceful family & pet friendly neighborhood.

Be A Good Neighbor

  • Please keep your yard mowed, edged, and flowerbeds weeded
  • No shopping carts in the neighborhood
  • Obey the STOP signs & SPEED LIMIT signs
  • Please Watch For Children
  • Follow & Obey Parking Policy:
  • Do Not Block sidewalks
  • Do Not Block driveways
  • Do Not Park too close to intersections
  • Do Not Park too close to corners
  • Do Not Block fire hydrants
  • Do Not Park in fire lanes
  • Follow & Obey Pet Policy:
  • All dogs are to be leashed when outside the home within our community
  • Dog owners/sitters to clean up immediately after their dogs

Community Events & Advertising

Please contact: Gian-Carlo Rando | president@westbridgecommunity.com

The Community pool is closed for the winter season

2020 Christmas Lighting Contest

Christmas light contests are a festive way to demonstrate your community pride and light up the holiday season.

First Place
8910 Eaglecove
Second Place
9103 Bridgepark
Third Place
9123 Bearcove